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Smoke and heat extraction

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Smoke and heat extraction

A smoke and heat extraction is of elementary importance to the safety of your building. It ensures that heat and smoke is discharged in time and in an efficient manner. It also limits the potential damage caused in a fire.

There are different forms of systems available on the market, Seynhaeve Plastics chooses to offer PLASTICOR RWA vents. These skylights are suitable for roofs with a slope less than or equal to 25 °.

These are double-walled skylights of which both the inner and outer shell are available in PC or PMMA.

The curb is isolated and in polyester or galvanized steel with a height of at least 300mm.

The framework of the lightdome is composed of an upper and lower part, provided with three stainless steel hinges and a reinforcing cross-beam.

The RWA with an angled polyester curb is available in four different sizes.

The RWA with a straight steel curb is available in three different sizes
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