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Acrylate Domes

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AC Domes

Our AC domes are made out of clear acrylate. This is a transparant fabric which we also deliver as plates. Acrylate has a very high impact resistance and it's also resistant against UV-light.
Due to this feature, there is a low chance for the colour to fade away. Because the impact resistance is much higher than that of glass, it's perfect against burglars.

Our AC domes can be deliverd in a rectangular or square shape and in a round or pyramid shape.

The AC domes can also have multiple walls, going from 1 to 5 walls stacked up to eachother. 


Seynhaeve Plastics light domes are guaranteed for 10 years on their multiple walls and possible hidden material errors, but only if they're installed correctly.

For more questions about sizes and prices, do not hesitate to contact us by mail or telephone.
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